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Average Goldfish

Free WL Only Mint 

Average Goldfish NFT is a free mint available to a very select few Above Average lucky candidates. Limiting the supply to 555 Average Goldfish which becomes your Whitelist token to mint Average BoB NFT's prior to public launch.

Growing up, Average BoB was given his first Goldfish for his birthday from his mother. Ever since then Average BoB has always owned an Average Goldfish. Throughout the years Average Bob has had many Average Goldfish, some gold ones, yellow ones, blue ones, big and small ones, some mashy and some pineappled. 

And in general, anything but Average.

Knowing how passionate Average BoB is about his Average Goldfish, we felt that we couldn't release Average BoB into the world without his Average Goldfish by his side. 


Apply for your free Goldlist now!!!!! Approved Goldlist applications will be announced daily on Twitter.

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Average BoB
NFT Collection


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About Average BoB

Average BoB NFT's is created on the backbone of openness and honesty. Dedicated to supply our holders with a fun experience along the way, whilst solidifying partnerships to benefit and

reward our Average BoB fam.

Average BoB itself is a collection of 1111 Average BoB's grinding the usual 9:00 to 17:00 on the Ethereum blockchain. Aiming to be a star in his own animated series with the help of you the community he serves.


Labelled Average by others, but knowing he is more. He strives to prove that his project is above Average.


Join Average BoB on his journey to stardom and a trip to the moon !!! 

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The Average Founders

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Draws Stuff


Jack of All Trades (Does everything)

GavinS currently has a career in business management for a property company.


Spends his free time with his family, building scale models, playing video games and drawing stuff. 


He does not support pineapple on pizza. Hates Brussel sprouts however likes raw broccoli. Can happily eat beef chop suey for the rest of his life.


If he were a household appliance, he’d be a kettle. Because is sorta like a hot tub. And he has never owned a hot tub.

DylanV has a career as a draftsmen. So draws stuff all day.


He states “I don’t have hobbies, hobbies have me”.

(Whatever that means, only he knows)


This animal mentions he is an advocate for pineapple on pizza. 


And he has an addiction for pizza (assuming with pineapple), Nutella and pasta’s. 


If he were a household appliance he would choose a fridge because it keeps things cool.

Roadmap Summary

Average BoB will be one of the first comedy animations to hit the blockchain. Bringing exclusive laughter with a DOA experience. Allowing our holders to actively participate in the making of each episode from art, music, scenes, narrative and even voice overs. And ultimately creating true utility and royalties with a commitment to a long term project.

This is going to be an epic journey in BoBs life with plenty rewards for his loyal supporters to share. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Average BoB? 
Average Bob is a NFT collection of 1111 unique Average BoB's grinding the 9 to 5 on the Ethereum blockchain. 

2. What makes Average BoB different? 

Average BoB strives to be as open and transparent as possible with our community and holders. Keeping core values close to each decision made making sure we grow the community, the project and the ecosystem, whilst remembering the projects success is based on the communities success.
Please read through our About Us for more information.

3. How do I mint an Average BoB? 
You will have to get yourself a Goldlist HERE wait for public mint to launch.
Please join our Discord or Twitter to stay in touch with the latest news.

4. When will Average BoB mint? 
Average Bob is expected to mint shortly after all 555 Goldlist spots are filled
and the Free Average Goldfish collection is minted out.

5. How much will the Average BoB mint cost? 
Whitelist Mint Price - TBA
Public Mint Price - TBA

6. How do I get a Goldlist Spot? (WL) 

You will have to apply for a Goldlist HERE.
Afterwhich you willl need to mint the free Average Goldfish.
Hold onto it or you will lose your WL access to Average BoB

Please note that no Admin or Moderator will never message you directly offering a WL or giveaway.

7. How can we contact you? 
- You can join our Discord and open a ticket.
- Contact us on Twitter
- Submit a contact enquiry on our websites contact page



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