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About Average Co.

At Average Co, we create unique, limited-edition NFT collections that inspire and encourage creativity. What started off as two average guys just wanting to create a fun set of projects for average people like us, and is now evolved into something much bigger.

We are passionate about creating projects that are reliable, open and trustworthy. We strive to create new and exciting collections that both entertain and engage our audience. Our collections have something for everyone, so come join us and explore what we have to offer.

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Current Collections

Average Co. is an innovative NFT Collections platform, dedicated to creating unique digital art collections with passion and enthusiasm. Here are just a few of the ongoing collections we have crafted. Take a look and learn more about our inspiring projects!

The Average Founders

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Draws Stuff


Jack of All Trades (Does everything)

GavinS currently has a career in business management for a property company.


Spends his free time with his family, building scale models, playing video games and drawing stuff. 


He does not support pineapple on pizza. Hates Brussel sprouts however likes raw broccoli. Can happily eat beef chop suey for the rest of his life.


If he were a household appliance, he’d be a kettle. Because is sorta like a hot tub. And he has never owned a hot tub.

DylanV has a career as a draftsmen. So draws stuff all day.


He states “I don’t have hobbies, hobbies have me”.

(Whatever that means, only he knows)


This animal mentions he is an advocate for pineapple on pizza. 


And he has an addiction for pizza (assuming with pineapple), Nutella and pasta’s. 


If he were a household appliance he would choose a fridge because it keeps things cool.

Contact Us

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