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About Us and the Project 

How it started?

The Average Rant......


The Average BoB team are everyday Joe's that work a 9:00 to 17:00 desk job. That spend their spare time dabbling in the NFT ecosystem. Now with a dedication to start a collection and drive it as far as possible.


The reality being that like most of you reading this have experienced a Rug-pull if not several. And nothing is more disheartening than spending your cash on a project that firstly just simply disappears or secondly sells out and just gets shelved waiting for who knows what.

So we decided to create a collection of Average Bob's in celebration for the average Joe's and Jane's just grinding through life just trying to survive day in and day out. Primarily believing that our own success and the collections success is purely based on the communities success. 

We feel that the NFT ecosystem is plagued by collections going up promising to Moon, which they never do, just to Rug and then start some other collection and simply repeat. Furthermore adding promises to give 5% to some charity that no one really ever checks to see if the project actually donated to.

We feel that 5% of mint revenue should rather be placed in a community wallet to simply sweep and maintain floor prices values keeping Paperhands at bay. Whilst re-listing the swept NFT's to yet again maintain floor prices whilst growing the community wallet and floor prices.

Lets just be honest we as the average NFT collectors don't spend $30 on a NFT just because we want to throw money away. We want to see a return on investment in one way or another. If not multiple ways such as utility or cash back.

And worst of all even after investing in a project, we are slapped with a new staking platform we can place our NFT in just to earn some token that is worth little to nothing leaving us with a utility that well isn't really a utility is it? And don't get me started on merchandise. I really don't want some t-shirt with some badly drawn avatar costing more than the NFT I just minted. 

What's the idea then?

Well that's when we got together and decided to create a collection that has real world application on a ROI potential whilst possibly innovating the NFT/Web3 ecosystem. Many idea's were thrown and the idea of creating a NFT that will become an animation series sank in and now is the end goal.

The Brainstorming session began. The potato chips joined the party, and we got to drawing. We eventually came to drawing our first BoB.


He was a nice Bob but needed more. So a construction BoB was born, and a 70's BoB next and then we made a few more BoB's.

The collection was born off the minds of some 90's babies on dinning room table the wife told me not to scratch or mess my coffee on.

The idea here is to create 4-5 limited collections which will resemble a key character in the comedy animation. From which a final 10000 token collection will wrap up secondary casts. Like you know the neighbourhood priest, the foreign shop owner and the hot girl across the road kind of secondary cast members.

We wish to move then to create some story lines, scripts and ultimately collaboration with holders and consultants. From which this will become the series itself. Initially the series will be viewable to holders exclusively with the eventual hope to air it on a streaming service of some sort. This all will inevitably a project needs to allow holders to apply premiums to their assets. The NFT is the access to the stream. 

The utility we really would like to create is by pushing for the show to go on a public streaming service. The feeling is that if this show can become popular it creates a hype for the NFT's themselves which are limited themselves. You know the case, supply and demand kinda stuff.

Just our thoughts out aloud.

The reason we wrote this long essay is simply our thought patten out for everyone to see. trying our best in being as transparent as possible and different to grow trust with you the NFT and hopefully the Average BoB and Jane community. 


The truth is that we can't promise any of these milestones, especially not alone, but it is with the hope through our communities guidance, calibrationopportunity creation and transparency that we can build a interactive and engaging community/project that will provide ROI and utility.

As stated we have a direction we would like to go, but we are willing to be fluid if need be to better serve the purpose of the project and community. We as the Average BoB team will make mistakes and we will learn from it, but that being said we appreciate any help, advice and assistance we can get. So please feel free to contact us at any moment.

Furthermore, if you actually read this entire page, we genuinely appreciate it. And would like to reward you some how for it so click here

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